The board of directors has currently three consultative committees as defined in the Corporate Governance Code and further explained in the Corporate Governance Charter of the regulated real estate company. The consultative committees have a pure advisory function.They are in charge of examining specific matters and formulating advice to the board of directors.

Audit committee

  1. Sigrid Hermans, independent director and chairman of the audit committee
  2. Piet Dejonghe, (Ackermans & van Haaren NV), non-executive director
  3. Marcia De Wachter, independent director


Nomination & remuneration committee

  1. Jan Suykens (Ackermans & van Haaren SA), non-executive director and chairman of the nomination & remuneration committee
  2. Eric Van Dyck, independent director
  3. Sigrid Hermans, independent director


Committee of independent directors

The committee of independent directors is composed of all independent directors on the board of directors. The committee is chaired by one of its members, in principle, the member having most seniority in his function. The cases in which this committee intervenes are described in the corporate governance charter.