Effective leadership consists of 2 persons, namely Mr Michel Van Geyte, CEO and Mr Tim Rens, CFO.

Michel Van Geyte (Chief Executive Officer - executive director)

Michel Van Geyte was appointed as commercial manager of Leasinvest Real Estate Management SA in August 2004. He is currently CEO - executive director of LREM SA and also managing director of Leasinvest Immo Lux.

Tim Rens (Chief Financial Officer)

Mr. Tim Rens is a commercial engineer, certified-accountant and disposes of a solid experience in financial audit and more specifically with regard to listed real estate companies. For nearly 12 years he worked at Deloitte, of which the last years as Senior Audit Manager.

Both persons have been appointed as effective leaders in accordance with the legal provisions in force and are responsible as effective leaders towards the board of directors and third parties, with regard to leading the daily management of Leasinvest Real Estate.