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Michel Van Geyte
E michel.vangeyte@leasinvest.be
T +32 (0)3 241 53 86
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Montoyer 63
Rue Montoyer 63, 1000 Brussels


6 052 m²     


Montoyer 63 is located in the Brussels Leopold district (CBD), amidst the European institutions, where there is still a lack of new high-quality office buildings. This building was constructed in accordance with the tender issued by the European Parliament to realize its training center at walking distance of the parliament. This means that this building has to perfectly comply with the demands relating to technical performance, such as cooling and ventilation, and equipment, and this, within a strict timing.
As from its reception end Q3 2018, the European Parliament will occupy the building within the framework of a signed usufruct agreement for a fixed period of 21 years.